February 2021 Update

Hello! Until November, the team was on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are finally back in action and resuming our duties. After setting up regulations and safety measures, in-person meetings have started again. Though the sub-teams have been split into halves, thirds, and fourths (to allow social distancing in the workplace), we are … Read moreFebruary 2021 Update

Season Ends – Seniors’ Tribute

Our team has gone through a lot this season. Though the season ends early, we are still bound together. We’ve gone through this effort, this experience, this challenge, together, as one. We all placed a part of our hearts into this team to provide for each other and achieve victory together. Though it seems like … Read moreSeason Ends – Seniors’ Tribute

Palmetto Regional Results 2020

If you would like to watch the matches first, click here! Saturday morning, we finished in rank 31 after 2 wins and 1 loss during our last 3 matches. However, during alliance selection, we were the third pick for the 2nd Place Alliance! We eventually made it to the Finals of the tournament, and Alliance … Read morePalmetto Regional Results 2020

Palmetto Regional 2/28/20

After playing through Thursday’s practice matches, and Friday’s 6 of 9 qualification matches, the team is confident in our robot’s progress to success through time. During practice matches, our robot struggled to adjust to the field with vision, and the climber began to cause issues. However, our pit crew did an awesome job of troubleshooting … Read morePalmetto Regional 2/28/20