Palmetto Regional 2/28/20

After playing through Thursday's practice matches, and Friday's 6 of 9 qualification matches, the team is confident in our robot's progress to success through time.

During practice matches, our robot struggled to adjust to the field with vision, and the climber began to cause issues. However, our pit crew did an awesome job of troubleshooting with our robot, and Programming Team succeeded in adjustment for a strong autonomous sequence!

First Six Qualification Matches (Friday the 28th):

[342 Score in Bold]

First - Match 4: Win (95-58), with our first competitive climb.

Second - Match 13: Originally scored as win (86-94), but reviewed to be a loss (101-94) later on. Our second successful climb!

Third - Match 29: Loss (85-92), firing power cells to the upper-port with efficiency. Climber-error created difficulty to win.

Fourth - Match 37: Loss (123-135), third successful climb, AND successful use of a launcher-implementing autonomous, aiming at the upper-port with 4/4 accuracy! All against the #1 seed!

Fifth - Match 45: Win (5-123), 4th successful climb with level-switch bonus!

Sixth - Match 55: Win (82-76), with another strong autonomous and teleop performance.

Seventh: #73,  Eighth: #82,  Ninth: #90,  (All on Saturday the 28th!!)

Our placement currently is 36th out of the total 63 teams, which is lower than we hoped to achieve, but we are ready to come back with blazing fury on Saturday! We wish all FRC teams the best of luck!


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