Palmetto Regional Results 2020

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Saturday morning, we finished in rank 31 after 2 wins and 1 loss during our last 3 matches. However, during alliance selection, we were the third pick for the 2nd Place Alliance! We eventually made it to the Finals of the tournament, and Alliance 1 won amicably. Our alliance's status as finalist allowed the next-qualifying team to receive a wild card, and our alliance captain (Team 2614) already qualified, so our partner, Team 108, is going to the World Championship!

Our drive team performed with all of their strength and care, allowing us to succeed and make it to 2nd Place, so they are the MVPs of our team!

Our team also, for the first time ever, won the Team Spirit Award! For 2018, it has been a competition goal to try to win the spirit award. Our students, parents, teachers, mentors, and supporters chanted loudly, danced along to music, and cheered on for other teams' success. It is a great honor to get this award and we are excited to try again at Huntsville!

All in all, our time at Palmetto was a great experience for everyone, and a time to learn and prevent future mistakes. Luckily, we have almost a month to improve and develop as a team. We hope to see everyone at the Rocket City Regional in Huntsville, Alabama!


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