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Safety Culture

Team 342 takes safety very seriously as it is important to keep everyone in our shop whether they are a visitor or a team member. Everyone's job is to ensure everyone is safe, But our Safety Captain and Deputy are in charge of safety as a whole.

Everyone on the team knows the rules of safety:

  • Wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when in a work space
  • Help others be safe
  • Know the safety handbook

to make safety fun we take Kahoot quizzes on the safety handbook and game rules. we also play the safety game during the build season and competitions.

Our Approach

Our safety mission is to keep fellow students, mentors, and visitors safe. By doing so, we can be a better team while making safety fun!

The Safety Game

The way we make safety fun is through the safety insensitive which is a tally game that starts at the beginning of build season and ends on bag and tag day. Students will point out if another student is being unsafe and will show them the correct way. When the students do so they earn a point. The top three students will win a Chick-fil-a gift card. This competitive game keeps our students on their toes in a fun and safe way. Our game also ensures that it is not just the safety captain's job to make sure everyone is safe.

Safety Handbook 2019

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