Season Ends – Seniors’ Tribute

Our team has gone through a lot this season. Though the season ends early, we are still bound together. We've gone through this effort, this experience, this challenge, together, as one. We all placed a part of our hearts into this team to provide for each other and achieve victory together.

Though it seems like we lost, we surely haven't. Our victory is not within a medal, a banner, or a trophy. It's within the energy and the emotions we felt during this build season and competition. It's within the knowledge we've gained by expressing our ideas and listening to each other.  It's within the fact that all of us can look at this year's Burnie and say "We made that together!"

All of us are hurt by the sudden end of this season. But many of us still have kind words to share with each other. Our team uses Slack to communicate with each other. Here are some of the heartfelt and positive responses shared by our team during the past 24 hours:

"Cheesy Oof" = Nate Arnold

However, there may be one true downside to this season ending so dramatically early:


This season doesn't just end in a fade. We will keep on moving forward with our progress, and make our robot awesome!


Additionally, we are going to miss our seniors of this year. So, I would like to honor each of them now as the heroes they are:

|| Davon Beaton: Our captain. The kindest teammate and a smile that lights up the whole room. Always helping everybody with graciousness and care. And an amazing driver who's led our team through every fraction of success we've had the past 4 years. Thank you for leading us through this amazing journey.

|| Siena Kelly: The financial wizard and safety specialist. Always watching out for us and tracking attendance to make sure we never stop trying. The one who checks every corner to see how we can save money and preserve our goals, sacrificing all her free time to help our cause.

|| Hannah Roberts: The media captain with a heart larger than any other member. She works hard to get our awards submissions to showcase the amount of love and devotion given to our efforts. Her influence is seen on every piece art we put out, and makes them exponentially more beautiful.

|| Herbie Wright: The builder with the big head of hair. A teammate who's friendly to all, and always says the funniest thing at the right time. A mechanical man with a confident demeanor and a welcoming attitude. He builds with excellence and skill while keeping the spirit up with comedy and creativity.

|| Pyper Sellers: A mechanical captain who stresses herself to get everyone to work hard and care about the little things. She's the one female that'll get her hands dirty and power through anything, setting a standard for all girls on the team. She's constantly trying to have our work done efficiently and properly, with a touch of grace that allowed our team to stay on track and keep our spirits upbeat.

|| Alex Mims: The lovable goofball. A genius with mechanical work and welding, and one who listens to everybody who needs his support. Always working hard with us to keep our emotions up, and can cheer up anybody there in a matter of seconds. Most of all, a great leader and a wise craftsman. Don't forget to tie your shoelace bro.

|| Nate Arnold: A mechanical captain who's the backbone of our robot and the drive team. The one who spearheaded our 3D CAD designs when no one else could. The one who's there absolutely every second he is needed (basically every single day and night). The true face of everything FIRST, 342, and every single FRC, FLL, and FLL Jr. team stands for. We love you man.


We are going to miss you all dearly. But we've still got a few more months! So no crying (yet).

This season has been a wild ride, and we hope to keep rolling through this year with more team meetings, events, and volunteer efforts. We hope everyone stays safe from sickness, especially over these next few months. This season cancellation is difficult but it won't stop us. I could conclude this post myself, but I think our mentor Mr. Johnson said it best:

IMG_6225 (2)

-Y. A. Ozturk, Website Manager

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